Green Cess On Petrol & Free Cars

At the offset of this article I would like to ask how many of you (readers) want to buy a car for which Government will pay the running costs for let’s say 5 years. The cost of car is roughly the same as Maruti CNG Celerio CNG (Approx 5-6 lakh on Road). You only need to pay for car and maintenance cost which will be quarter of existing petrol/diesel car. Only condition is that you can drive 100-120 KM per day. I can bet 80-90% middle class Indians will take this offer as running cost of Petrol car (driving 1000 KM/Month ) is 5000-6000 per month which means in five years you can save 3,00,000-3,60,000.

So is it really possible for any such car to exist. If Government of India want then certainly we can have 2,50,000 such cars per year for next 20 year in such a scheme. You would say I am joking but I am serious. Let’s take the idea given by R Jagannathan of putting a green cess on Petroleum products forward. If Government puts a green cess of Rs 1 on every litre of Petrol then they can raise 1500 Crore Rupees every year which can install 200 MW solar power. These 200 MW solar power will give approx 320 Million units annually which in turn are enough to run 2,50,000 electric cars 12000 KM annually. For electric cars running per 10 KM you need 1 unit of electricity. Solar panels exist for 25 years so these 200 MW power stations can actually make 12,50,000 cars with zero operating cost for five years.

Basically you buy a electric car (like E20) and government will reimburse the cost of driving i.e electricity to all the users. Monitoring of the monthly electricity consumption can be done remotely which is fairly easy by the existing servers of E20.

Zero operating cost is not the only benefit of this scheme. We will have 2000 manufacturing jobs along with reduction of CO2 emission by 79,360 tonnes yearly. Also with these cars we will be able to save precious forex for India.

If NDA government launch such scheme then we can have 1 million such vehicles by 2019 and a much non polluted air.


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